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The State of Direct Mail

Lob has partnered with Comperemedia to dig into the art and science of direct mail marketing. Our survey of 200+ marketing leaders across the US sheds new light on the approach, effectiveness and best practices of modern direct mail marketers.

Is direct mail still relevant?

Without question, 60% of companies sending direct mail say it’s their highest ROI marketing channel. Over 50% of companies see response rates of 5% or higher on their direct mail campaigns.

How is it used?

Direct mail is no longer just a customer acquisition vehicle. Customers are increasingly using it for customer engagement, retention, and even advocacy. These lifecycle-focused campaigns see some of the highest returns.

What's new in direct mail?

Software is displacing traditional mail house and agency relationships. Companies that use technology to automate direct mail campaigns have higher ROAS and profitability than their competitors.

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