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Modernizing Direct Mail Communications: A Fireside Chat With Lob + Oscar Health

October 27, 2020

Oscar is a healthtech insurance company that knows personalized messaging is key to customer engagement. However, meeting their audience in the right channel, at the right time can be a challenge— one that’s complicated by regulations, compliance, and preference. Luckily, technology is making it easier for Oscar to send modern direct mail; empowering them compliant offline communications that enhances their customer experience.

Join us for a virtual fireside chat with Lob's Head of Customer Success, Nina Wilkinson, and Oscar’s Product Manager, Brenton Caldwell, will discuss how organizations in regulated industries can use modern technology to simplify workflows, improve compliance efforts, and create strategic advantages that strengthen an organization's brand.  

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Oscar:

  • Leverages technology to streamline internal operations and empower their teams
  • Strengthens their compliance with insights that Lob provides into the direct mail journey
  • Utilizes intelligent direct mail while expanding into new markets and product lines