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Master Offline Retention and Growth

Lob helps marketing teams increase customer retention and lifetime value with automated, personalized direct mail engagements that break through digital clutter.

Direct Mail for the Digital Age

Lob unlocks direct mail for digital teams, allowing you to send precise, highly personalized letters and postcards, aligned with digital touches, in a true omni-channel campaign approach.

Personalized Content

Increase Customer Engagement and Response Rates

  • Personalize messaging and offers to increase conversions
  • Increase relevance with timely delivery in as little as four days
  • Continue conversations with email unsubscribers offline
Programmatic Triggers

Integrate With CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms

  • Trigger direct mail based on customer activities or milestones with no batching required
  • Pull data directly from customer records and eliminate manual list building
  • Time other communications to the moment mail hits your customer’s mailbox
Detailed Tracking & Analytics

Easily Experiment, Measure, and Iterate

  • Test creative and form-factors (letters vs. postcards) to see which performs the best
  • Add custom CTAs (promotion codes, URLs, or QR codes) to capture direct attribution
  • See precisely which customers received mail and when to measure campaign lift

Need Help?

Our partners have built powerful marketing solutions and services using Lob’s automated direct mail platform. Perfect for marketing teams that don’t have the technical bandwidth to set up their own integrations.
Visual creative design, list acquisition, and campaign management
Shared, stand-alone, and programmatic direct mail services
Integrated, multi-channel business communications platform
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