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Leveraging Direct Mail for Positive Social Change

Lob for Good

We believe that direct mail plays an important role in social change. Through Lob for Good, a pillar of Lob.org, we offer special donated and discounted pricing for nonprofits and for organizations whose work aligns with our focus areas of racial justice and civic action.

For Organizations Making an Impact 

Lob for Good is reducing the operational friction that can surround direct mail and make it easier for nonprofit organizations to leverage Lob for their important work. We have seen that Lob is able to free up staff time for more mission-critical work, drive communication between constituents and elected officials, reduce costs, and more.

Centering and Uplifting

Amplifying the voices, stories, and leadership of folks from underrepresented communities

Fighting Systemic Barriers

Taking action against systemic and structural barriers facing BIPOC communities

Connecting Communities 

Driving communications that advocate for connection, civil rights, and change

Ameelio Tackles Criminal Justice Reform Through Direct Mail

Join Lob for Good

We’ve built the Lob for Good program to streamline operations and make it easier for anyone to build applications using Lob. Approved applicants will get post-integration onboarding assistance, free access to our one business day support plan, and discounted pricing. If your work is aligned with the Lob for Good mission, we encourage you to apply here today:

Have questions? Email us at forgood@lob.com.