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About Us

Who We Are

Our mission is to drive change through more sustainable and strategic direct mail.
Lob.org exists to advance the  values at the heart of Lob. We’re committed to contributing to the global community by leveraging our talented team, core competencies, and strong partnerships. As a proud Pledge 1% company, we’ve pledged to donate 1% of time and product to social impact.

Our Team

Lob.org leverages the talents and time of our amazing Lobsters for impact. Led by Christina Louie Dyer, our social impact initiatives are driven by passionate employee volunteers who take time in addition to their core roles to help us grow our programs.
Christina Louie Dyer
Calah Vargas
Laone Oagile
Lucy Taliaferro
Mariella Torres
Mekleet Aytenfsu
Emilie Begin
Kate Seabolt
Joseph Villanueva
Miki Cisic
Allen Han
Stephanie Stenner

How We Take Action

Discounted Product

Through our Lob for Good program, a pillar of Lob.org, we donate and discount our product for nonprofits and organizations whose missions align with our focus areas.

Employee Time

We encourage all employees to use their three days of paid volunteer time off to engage with the organizations and movements they care most about.


While we are experts in direct mail, we have much to learn from frontline organizations, and we’re excited to work together. We actively seek partnerships that allow us to drive greater impact in our focus areas.

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