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Take action with Lob

The goal of our Action Hub is to empower and educate our community on how to drive change through strategic direct mail and in our dedicated focus areas.
“I read that paper mail was the best way for constituents to ensure their message is seen and recorded, especially as many congressional offices stopped answering their phones.”
Phil Knittel
Founder, Congress Cards

How can I take action?

Lob for Good

We offer special donated and discounted pricing for nonprofits and for organizations whose work aligns with our focus areas of racial justice and civic action.

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Case Studies

Learn how other nonprofits are using Lob to automate their direct mail and address verification processes.

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Template Gallery

Our gallery of pre-designed and downloadable HTML templates for a head start with your project.

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Best practices for using Lob’s Print & Mail and Address Verification APIs.

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How can I make an impact with direct mail?

Write to elected officials
95% of Senate staff and 89% of House staff surveyed said that responding to constituent communications is a high priority in their offices
Connect with community members
For every 36 emails you receive on average, you get 1 piece of mail in your mailbox
Send mail for a local campaign
47% of surveyed voters said that political mail had an impact on their voting decision
Start a letter writing campaign
Writing letters to voters is one of the most effective ways to help increase election turnout
Promote your organization’s mission
Nonprofits generate one in ten pieces of mail delivered by the United States Postal Service
Inspire community conversations
The response rate for direct mail is up to nine times higher than that of email

Lob helps nonprofits and social impact organizations free up time for more mission-driven work

Congress Cards

Congress.Cards is an activism enablement tool, which helps people in the US to contact their representatives in Congress via direct mail.

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Resistbot provides an easy way for individuals to advocate for government accountability.

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